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Trade and invest beside proven professionals and the leading instructors for the TMX/Montreal Exchange as well as some of Canada's largest banks and brokerages. Watch as we analyze opportunities, apply trading and portfolio strategies and manage them in real time. Directional trading, income generation and portfolio protection for registered and non registered accounts.

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Lately all we hear about is fear and uncertainty when it comes to the economy and the stock market. Watch this short video and learn how one simple option strategy can help you lock in your profits and protect your capital and take the fear out of investing.




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A Few Testimonials...

I thought I had a great financial advisor ...I took the course in November..Just one options strategy would have saved me over one hundred thousand dollars during 2008.  Thank you .. I will never fear the market dropping now.  With options I'm fully protected.

Thank you

David B.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I just wanted to let you guys know how great a job you guys are doing. Your judgment about the market and some of the sectors has been outstanding. As an example, I owned MCP and CLF and got rid of them based on your advice. I was able to avoid significant losses. As a matter of fact, I made some money by buying puts on CLF. Similarly your advice about staying in cash has been right on the money. Of course, some of the bear plays you have recently put on have also made money.

I have more than recovered my $2,500 in just two short months and I have been very conservative in position sizing; if I had been aggressive I could have made much more.

thank you,


May I say that I  have become a  silent admirer of Optionsource over the past year  and am grateful for the pains U take in educating us. U make me want to learn more about  “Options” because U  make  them very interesting and I am able to learn at my individual pace.  Your efforts go  beyond anything I have experienced in my dealings with many who claim to be good educators.  My only  regret  is that I came across U guys at a not-so-young  age of  74 yrs. I wish my mind was as  alert,  and my body as willing as it was 45 years ago when I met  my wife.  However, as it was with her then,  I find it as interesting  now to look forward  to your webinars every  week. Many thanks.  Hopefully, I shall be able to educate myself on emini futures  also at a future date.

Thank you

I just thought I should share with you some of my successes using your training & resources. I have not measured the impact on my covered call decisions as I had written several hundred thousand dollars in call premiums in the several months before I took your training, and going forward simply expanded my decision criteria to look at the stocks I would otherwise write calls on, to include running them through the “advanced technical screening” your site provides. I know this helped me avoid some potentially bad situations. I also opened an account where I have only traded in a small way since Aug 26/08, never having invested more than $10,000 in total at any one time. Up to today I have earned $6,400 on six puts identified in “breakout trader” and $4,600 on one put and one call identified by me based on criteria I learned from you. That was well over 100% return in 4 weeks. Needless to say I am having fun with this.


N. McGee, Toronto
Jason Ayres of OptionSource has taken the mystery out of learning options trading. His courses cover all the beginning and intermediate options training anyone will need to start trading options. Classes are small so they are suited to each student's level of knowledge.

Classes include hands-on individual dual-screen monitors to train on live online options trading screens. Lots of handouts and DVDs are provided.

There are post-course telephone hotlines, online tutorials, weekly email updates, webinars. The comprehensive OptionSource website is made available for more training and help with selection of options trades.

Along with Jason's amicable manner, the training site location, fair cost and ample free parking, this options course gets top marks.

Thank you

Dr. Jerry G.

Nothing secures new information like hands-on learning, it was very useful to me. The limited attendance ensured that questions got answered, info gaps were filled and we even got some personal instruction when needed. Simply put... I am now starting to make my own trades.


John Hektor


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