Watch Macro Analytics Recording September 26

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15:49 – Options Education Day Vancouver and Calgary
17:00 – BIS: Dissonant Markets may be Underestimating Risk to Stability
19:00 – CHINA: Credit risks continue to deteriorate
30:00 – JAPAN: Fallout of BoJ change in policy
32:35 – Duetsche Bank Stock Crashing – Credit risks continue to compound
38:30 – Bank of Canada – Lower for Longer on Canadian Interest Rates
42:20 – Technical Observations: Currencies
48:40 – Technical Observations: Commodities – oil, copper, gold and silver
55:00 – 30 year Treasury Bonds
57:00 – S&P500 failing to hold the FOMC pop.  Failing to hold the critical 2150 level
64:30 – Technical Observations on: JPM, Canadian Banks, Facebook, Amazon, Exxon and more

Watch Special Feature Macro Analytics–Crash Alert?

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12:00Sell triggers for $100Billion constant
volatility, risk parity funds.  
20:50VaR Shock starting?
31:45 – Goldman Sachs article: 5 Reasons Why the
Selling Will Continue

34:00 – Deutshe Bank: The US May Be Already in a

40:00 – Critical Technical levels on the S&P500 Daily
and 4 hour charts
52:30 – Critical Technical levels on the NASDAQ100
55:00 – Charts on Financials
57:00 – Charts on oil and oil stocks
59:00 – Canadian markets, Russia, Emerging markets
and Junk Bonds

Watch Macro Analytics Recording September 6

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12:20Geopolitics in Eurozone deteriorating, driven by France and Germany
14:38 – Will there be a FOMC rate hike in September?
20:45 – Japan’s monetary conundrum
24:20 – Update on the Vancouver Real Estate Markets 
27:45 – Update on Chinese capital outflows and the potential decline in the Yuan
42:30 – Stock market valuations
47:55 – Analysis of Currencies
53:30 – Analysis of Oil and the reactions to OPEC
56:45Gold and Silver, is this a new breakout?
1:00:20 – Bonds and Interest Rates
1:02:00 – Technical Analysis of the S&P500 and TSX60

Watch Macro Analytics Recording August 22nd

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12:00 – Vancouver Real Estate Markets down 20%+ in just one month (crash has begun)
21:00 – Monetary Policy, Jackson Hole, Stock Market Valuations and is the Environment Ripe for a Market Crash?
42:50 – Canadian Bank Earnings
45:20 – Analysis of Currencies
53:00 – Analysis of Oil and the greatest Oil Short Squeeze on Record!
59:45 – Analysis of Gold 
1:05:00 – Bonds and Interest Rates
1:08:25 – S&P500 and TSX60

Watch Macro Analytics Recording August 8

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12:00 – China’s economic deterioration
14:50 – Top’s potentially in on the Canadian Real Estate Markets
21:00 – Current headline news
40:40 – Analysis of Currencies
50:00 – Analysis of Oil
52:40 – Analysis of Gold
57:50 – Bonds and Interest Rates
59:20 – S&P500 and Global Indices

Watch Macro Analytics Recording July 25

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13:50 – China’s economic deterioration
34:10 – Historic stock market valuations
40:10 – Analysis of Currencies
47:00 – Analysis of Oil / Oil stocks
50:20 – Analysis of Gold/Gold stocks
55:40 – Bonds and Interest Rates
57:20 – S&P500 and Global Indices


Smart Money Continues to Sell

We continue to see extreme outflows of funds out of the market to levels not seen since 2008.  I ask the question, how long can the market hold up, with such active distribution of stock?  Going into a traditionally low volume season throughout the summer, the risks will remain elevated.

Citigroup Getting Nervous

Citigroup’s Matt King on the stock markets:
Extreme events are becoming more common, which is an intrinsic feature – not external shock – in a system that is fast approaching its “centrally-planned” tipping point. Citi’s suggestion: position for tipping points, and stay away from the conventional, fake optimistic forecasts that all shall be well as propagated by the financial media

Are Negative Mortgage Rates Coming?

Deutsche Bank’s Dominic Konstam just revealed the brutal reality that Europe is likely to face and is just a premonition of our monetary future in North America.  In his report, he wrote that QE has run its course.  In his Keynesian Lala Land, he suggests European Central Bank should move more strongly toward penalizing savings, rather than just the institutions that “house” those savings – the banks. This would mean allowing significantly negative retail deposit rates or perhaps even wealth taxes. With this stick would also come a carrot – one example being that while deposit rates penalize savings (the whole point), banks might also pay borrowers to buy houses via negative mortgage rates.
What makes Konstam a fool in my mind, is that in all that economic modelling, he is not accounting for the animal spirits of this financial alchemy.  I ask – would negative retail deposit rates and negative mortgage rates simply expose to the common Main Street citizen that the monetary system is broken and lead to a full rejection of our money system?