Macro Masters Program

An understanding of global geopolitical, monetary and fiscal policy are critical to your investment process. Learn how the news headlines you see every day impact your portfolio and use this understanding to make better investment decisions. Understand the macro fundamental landscape, discover where the opportunities are, manage your risk and have the confidence to stay with the trade despite media noise and short term price swings.

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Attend the Macro Masters program and discover:

  • How to profit from understanding currencies and how they impact your investments
  • When to own the different sectors of the markets like REITs, Cyclical and defensive stocks and why it makes sense
  • How interpreting interest rate trends will help you decide when to leverage your capital, when to lock in your mortgages and when to buy or sell your investments
  • How understanding the credit cycle can help you make critical investment decisions on:
    • Stocks
    • Bonds
    • Real Estate

Learn how absolutely critical global geo-political, monetary and fiscal policy are to your investment process and how the news headlines you see every day impact your portfolio.

Use this understanding to make practical, actionable investment decisions

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What are Macro Fundamentals?

It is the billions of transactions – exchanging goods, services and labor, that take place each day around the world, conducted by billions of people, all simultaneously trying to selfishly do what is in their own best interests.  The majority of investors and analysts turn to macro economists to gain insights to the future impacts.

The flaw in the world today is that macro economist believe they can model and forecast these trends. They expect to know what billions of people are going to do, before they do it.  Their belief is that these people will react a certain way when gas for their car becomes cheaper, or the interest on their mortgage increases or decreases, or if the bankers will lend more if the central banks pump money onto their balance sheets.

Trying to know the unknowable is really a fool’s game.

So what is a solution?

Rather than forecasting the markets with macroeconomic models, it is far more effective to learn the rules of the game.  With an understanding of the macro fundamental landscape, we can assess the unfolding reality and subsequently the implications of the unfolding trends.  This objective is then to react, to protect, or to profit from them.

How important is the Macro Fundamental Landscape?  To us, it is the driver of EVERYTHING.  Based on this, macro fundamentals provide the foundation upon which we can use traditional fundamental and technical analysis to support our outlook. The end result is a much more holistic approach to investing.

Advance beyond the traditional approach to investing and discover the role Macro Fundamentals play in the price movement of your investments and learn how to interpret the information to make more effective decisions.

  • Understanding Money

    • History of Money and Currencies
    • How money works
    • Inflation and illusion of Constant Dollars
    • How Money is Created
    • Bonds and How a Bond Price is Determined
    • Interest Rates and the Yield Curve
    • Good Debt vs. Bad Debt
    • Understanding the Credit Cycle
  • Understanding the Global Economic System

    • Global Institutions
    • Central Banks and Monetary Policy
    • Commercial Banks
    • Macroeconomic Data
    • Economic Growth, Velocity of Money
    • Jobs, Inflation, Manufacturing and Inventories
    • Countries – Global Landscape and the Economic Cycle
    • Look at the U.S., China, Japan, U.K., Europe, Canada and the Emerging Markets
    • Global Debt and the Global Monetary System
  • Commodity Markets

    • Currency Impact on Commodities
    • Energy, Oil and Natural Gas
    • Basic Materials and Food
    • Precious Metals
    • Understanding Gold Leasing
  • Real Estate

    • Non-Financial Variables
    • Financial Variables
    • Residential Real Estate and Land
    • Income Properties and Commercial Real Estate
    • Mortgages and the Credit Cycle
    • Cap Rates and Impact of Changes in Interest Rates
    • REITs
  • Global Equity Markets

    • Macro Fundamentals
    • U.S. Dollar Cycle
    • Stock Market Earnings Cycle and Valuation Drivers
    • Stocks and Dividends
    • Industries/sectors
    • Stocks and impact in Changes in Currency 
  • Technically Analyzing the Intermarket Relationships of the Macro Fundamentals

    • Relationships
    • Correlations
    • The Solution