Technical Masters Program

h4>Take the emotion out of trading and investing. Learn advanced techniques that are 100% applicable to trading stocks, forex, and futures on all timeframes.  Learn to be disciplined and decisive when managing your risk and locking in your profits.  Find out why financial advisors and professional money managers attend our Technical Masters Program.

Successful traders that learn to trade for a living are professionals, no different than doctors, engineers or pilots. Anyone that is successful in life has found the discipline to create their success. Therefore our program is as much discipline and effective money management, as it is sound technical techniques.

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During this course we will cover: 

  • The Discipline of Trading for a Living
  • The Dynamics of Money Management
  • Designing a Disciplined Trade Plan
  • Candle Sticks and Market Patterns
  • Mastering Advanced Fibonacci’s
  • Advanced Entry Techniques
  • Advanced Exits – Exiting on the Measured Moves
  • Mastering Moving Averages
  • Foundational Indicators MACD, RSI
  • Mastering support and resistance

Far too many educators try to teach technical analysis as an absolute method of trading, creating far too many rigid rules that do not respect the markets ebb and flow.

There are no absolutes or certainties in the market. Rather those that are successful have learned the art of making effective risk/reward decisions in real time throughout live market ambiguity.

Even though we spend the entire program discussing technical analysis, we do not focus on teaching some mythical secret proprietary techniques that only an elite group of traders know. Rather we teach the core foundations of becoming a professional trader and learning to make effective trading decisions by understanding price action, trend and momentum.

If you decide to pursue the technical masters program, our first objective is to dispel all of the foolish misconceptions that the internet, basic educators and many brokerages promote. We then help you mold yourself into the type of trader that can create success within the markets.

We then take you through understanding price action and the natural ebb and flow of the markets. Following that we review all of our core entry and exit techniques. What you will learn and what many of our competitors have yet to learn is that the exit of the trade in many cases is far more important than the exact entry point. The reality is no matter how good the entry technique is, if a trading instructor cannot demonstrate an effective way to manage the risk and take an optimal amount of profit, many beginning traders will still find a way to lose money.

The truth is there are thousands and thousands of successful traders out there, that as a whole trade differently from one another. In order for you to be successful, you need to first understand what characteristics they all share that make them successful, rather than focusing on some secret proprietary methodology that promises you unrealistic results and expectations.